Thanks very much to you and your team for an excellent job.  I am now very proud of our website whereas previously I found myself inclined to make excuses for it.

Greg, Lawyer

As an international team, our wide variety of experiences and skill sets make for a diverse mix of talent and ideas. Our in-house team is nimble and driven by our diversity – small enough to easily adapt, but sharp and effective when it comes to big ideas. We are passionate about our work!

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Senior Account Executive

Stefanie is a content marketing expert working with clients in tech, resources and manufacturing industries. A foodie at heart, in and out of work, Stefanie loves to eat!

Fun Fact: Stefanie loves Calgary! 😊


Senior Account Executive

Mathew is our digital expert working with clients in the healthcare, pharma and education industries. A keen surfer, Matt gets out as often as the BC weather allows!

Fun Fact: Matt was born in Australia.

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Operations Manager/Sr. Producer

Farryn’s curiosity makes her an expert in technical communications, helping companies deliver effective content to wide range audiences from the general public, the shareholders to sophisticated audiences. In her free time, Farryn is a fierce beach volleyball player and has won lots of tournaments.

Fun Fact: During a business trip to Canada, the one and only Owen Wilson had a crush on Farryn.



Delphine brings a lot of experience from her CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) branding background and has a flair for crafting efficient social media strategies. In her spare time, Delphine explores the most beautiful trails Mother Nature has to offer and is not afraid to meet bears along the way.

Fun Fact: Delphine has been living in 4 different countries so far and spends a lot of time in her kitchen creating new delicious vegan dishes.

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Digital Art Director

Aldo uses his combined creativity and accumulated design knowledge to create inspiring UX/UI designs that add value to the user experience. Originally from Mexico, Aldo knows how to prepare the best homemade guacamole in the whole world.

Fun Fact: To celebrate his birthday, Aldo undertook a solo trip in the Arctic. With a pair of canvas shoes. Brrr!


Senior Developer

Huy is our senior developer with lots of experience in developing responsive websites and interactive tools on multiple platforms, including WordPress and Joomla. His leadership abilities allow him to lead and train junior developers at Pace Creative.
Huy strives to create world-class, usable, and beautiful websites. User experience is central to Huy’s approach to every website, online tool, and project he undertakes.

Fun Fact: Besides working on website development, Huy enjoys travelling to new places and meeting new people.

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Bithja is a website developer with 2 years of experience. She has always been interested in website design and over time has discovered her passion for website development. Bithja is detail-oriented and knowledgeable in various programming languages and libraries. She especially enjoys creating dynamic websites with meaningful animations.

Fun Fact: Bithja has a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. She especially enjoys backpacking in South East Asia and cruising through the Mediterranean Sea.


Producer/Content Coordinator

Nuala is our go-to for social media, and is involved in coordinating, managing and monitoring both Pace Creative’s internal social media accounts and client’s accounts. Her passion for writing in all its forms has led her to an interest in digital and content marketing through which she has gained experience writing content that matters to readers and helps clients achieve their marketing goals.

Fun Fact: Nuala is a whiz when it comes to trivia games!

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Producer/Office Manager

Anna-Maire brings to the team a diverse background in graphic design, project management, marketing and customer service; always looking to build strong relationships and deliver products that bring results.

Fun Fact: You will always find Anna-Marie on a new adventure.



Jocelyn comes from a dynamic background of political science, community development and communications design. As a project manager, she is curious, passionate about research and always looking for better ways to communicate ideas. With a knack for content creation, Jocelyn has a skill for understanding the tone and voice of organizations, and strives to execute projects with considerate attention to detail.

Fun Fact: Jocelyn has worked in such remote places as rural Uganda and Nunavut!

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Graphic Designer

Lia is a graphic design graduate from the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver. A dynamic thinker, she initially comes from a Science background, studying various fields including Neuroscience, Life Science, Chemistry, and Earth Science. Experienced in both print and digital design, Lia applies her expertise and creative skills to projects such as brand identity, print design, stationery, maps, and tradeshow booths for a wide range of industries.

Fun Fact: Growing up in Korea, Lia used to have all the Disney VHS movies in English and would watch them even though she didn’t speak English. And now she is a huge Disney fan!


Full Stack Developer

Jimmy is an enthusiastic developer in mobile and web applications. With a strong passion for coding, he is always researching best practices, and learning new technologies and programming languages. When Jimmy has free time, he enjoys backpacking, sightseeing, and taking pictures around British Columbia.

Fun Fact: Jimmy took his English name from the old country song “Don’t cry Joni”!

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