Here’s a scenario: You’re a content marketer finishing up a digital ad campaign with a hard deadline. You’re about to push your landing page live when you realize it has a fatal flaw – there is an important link missing from the page! Do you pause the campaign until someone on your development team can update it, or do you make the edit yourself and push the campaign through without interruption? If you or your team members don’t have any coding knowledge on your team, this scenario could delay your campaign and cause lost ROI. Knowing HTML would let you make a quick edit and launch your campaign. If you’re wondering why learn to code as a content marketer, here are three reasons!


1.       Customization

Knowledge of HTML gives you more opportunities to completely customize your campaigns and content. Why bother learning some code? You can create unique landing pages, newsletter templates, and other content, instead of using templates.

Here’s some examples of customization that require programming knowledge:

  • You can edit and customize landing pages quicker if you know how to code. There are many templates available for landing pages, but they can only take you so far.
  • Like landing pages, email templates are great, but being able to customize them is even better. Create a unique template that fits your specific branding needs for an email or newsletter.
  • Skill with HTML can boost your SEO abilities and help optimize blogposts, eBooks, white papers, landing pages, or other campaign content. It can also help with editing the meta descriptions of the content, as well as adding alt tags and title tags. Familiarity with HTML allows content customization that fits your specific SEO needs and provides more advanced options for optimization than plugins or other optimization tools.
  • A/B testing ensures landing pages, web pages, and other types of web content are optimized to convert. Often, developers carry this out, but marketers should conduct A/B testing themselves, as they can use their insight into audience journeys and strategic reasoning for choosing copy or placing calls to action and other on-page elements.
  • If you use WordPress, HTML lets you edit and customize website layouts, and provides more options than those provided by WordPress.


2.       Data analytics

Coding offers more options for tracking and analyzing data for your campaigns beyond the basic analytics offered by Google Analytics and Social Media platforms.

Here are some options for boosting your data analysis:

  • Facebook offers the Facebook Pixel, which is a piece of code that is implemented on a website. Marketers can use it to track whether their Facebook ads are converting, by tracing whether users who interact with an ad are visiting the associated website.
  • Google Tag Manager is a tool that helps marketers track the data collection tags they are using on their websites. It involves knowledge of both HTML and JavaScript. Once you have a good understanding of how Google Tag Manager works, you can use it to track tags and customize the types of data you are collecting from your website.
  • Python is a useful programming language that is particularly relevant for data analysis. It can handle large amounts of data, which marketers can analyze using a few simple commands.


3.       Resource Management

If you’re still wondering why it’s worth learning some code, programming will help you manage your time and team members. If you or a team member can code, you’ll be able to jump in with quick fixes and handle simple tasks, as well as be aware of when you might need outside help.

Here are some ways knowing how to code can help you manage campaign resources.

  • Familiarity with programming will help you understand whether a campaign is feasible from a development standpoint. You’ll be able to determine how advanced your team’s skillset is, so you can make quick decisions about which campaigns to pursue, and which you might need an agency or specialist for.
  • You’ll be able to help your development team problem solve. Understanding the logic of programming will help you brainstorm and find the best solution.
  • You’ll be able to collaborate more closely with members of your development team or specialists. A working knowledge of programming will help you understand potential issues they’re facing and timing for campaigns and tasks.


If you’re still not convinced by these three reasons addressing why learn to code, having someone on your team with even a little development knowledge will provide benefits to the marketing campaigns you might be working on or optimizing. Our team at Pace Creative has expertise in SEO, coding, and programming, as well as in bigger, more strategic, and more complicated projects that require coding beyond the skills you and your team might possess. Contact us here or read our 2018 year in review to learn more about our team!

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