As of late, the term “millennial” has come to signify a number of things. In regards to the age demographic, it generally refers to anyone born from the early eighties to the mid-nineties. Now that the millennial generation is recognized as being the largest in numbers, marketers seem to be scrambling to appeal to a demographic that has grown up during a time of rapid social, and technological change. Since I was born in the latter-half of the early nineties, I’m included in the millennial demographic, but by no means do I intend to speak for the rest of my generation. Instead of trying to reason what exactly attracts millennials to brands, I’m aiming to explain how the context I was raised in, shaped what I look for when making purchases.

During the late-90’s and early-2000’s, an incredible amount of change occurred in an extremely short span of time, both socially and technologically. I was fortunate enough to grow-up within a household that owned a computer running Windows 98, so while much of my childhood was spent running around outside, there was an undeniable portion in which I sat in front of a computer screen, aimlessly exploring through every program we owned. So as computers came and went within our household, I relentlessly adapted to the new operating systems, viewing this process not as a challenge, but instead focusing the new features brought by every new edition of Windows. As a result of this, the prospect of learning new technology isn’t an altogether frightening one, and doesn’t dissuade me when considering purchasing the unfamiliar.

Whether it was a result of a boom of parenting books, or the golden-age of Disney movies occurring during my childhood – myself and many others were raised to celebrate our unique qualities and to feel special, regardless of our talents. At the end of the day, brands that stay true to their core values are the ones that I am ultimately pulled towards. In a world that’s becoming increasingly similar, companies that celebrate what make them unique, and strive for authenticity should be celebrated for daring to be different. Custom content can help to separate a brand from the crowd, and if you’re interested, the folks at Pace Creative can help.

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