When you think of an eatery, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Could it possibly be “food porn”? During the astronomical rise of social media; namely Facebook, Twitter and the kingpin of photography, Instagram, our savvy society have changed the hospitality industry as we know it.

As it stands it’s not just the ‘foodies’ enjoying the benefits of a beautifully plated, ‘melt in your mouth’ meal but really, everyone on the internet. Think about all of the places you have been to dinner lately. Can you recall how many people you saw taking photos of their food before they tuck in?

Take a minute to look up the hashtag #foodporn and view over 92 million posts of meals across the globe. Not only is our generation uploading stylized photos of their breakfast, lunch, mid-day snacks and dinner, but creating an honest dialog about the ‘hot’ and ‘what’s not’ of food. Businesses can’t ignore the power of social media when it comes to spreading a message about their offering. 

These days, more than ever; service, ambience, and food presentation must be on point for a business to thrive amongst our highly astute society. It’s not enough for a business to hand out flyers on the street corner and hope for the best. Outside the box thinking is the best way for a company to excel amongst others in this highly competitive market – nothing is ‘off the table’ when it comes to creativity. Why not order a drink with a roast chicken, mini burgers and onion rings on top? Or walk through a 1960’s fridge to enter the bar before being served the best $1 hotdogs in the city. 

In hand with creating the perfect dining experience, many businesses have reassessed their branding and visual communications. From the website design to signage, uniforms, decor, menus, logos, packaging etc, it really does have to be the ideal cohesion of all elements.

A prime example of this is the brand Trafiq. As one of the hippest pop-up bars in Budapest, they are a great example of how to create a visual language that is not only engaging and unique, but visually impressive on social media. Brands really do need a fully integrated communication and marketing strategy to be successful in our advanced, hard-to-impress society. 

Case in point, the hospitality industry has been affected by the phenomenon of social media in every way shape and form. Marketers have to think more creativity than ever before to attract and retain customers that are constantly striving to be impressed. With the implementation of a holistic strategy that is engaging, visually impressive, and #foodporn worthy, companies can definitely gain the rewards of ‘post’ after ‘like’ after ’share’. 

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