If you’re a thought leader in your industry, you probably have a blog, an emailer campaign or newsletter, and you’re active on social media. Now that your content marketing strategy—with a framework in place—is working like a well-oiled machine, it might be time to do an audit and look at ways to improve your current content strategy. With one-third of Americans aged 25 to 54 listening to podcasts on a monthly basis, it’s likely that some of your existing audience is already listening to podcasts. Get them listening to yours by adding this new channel aka B2B podcast to your strategy this year!

Why should you add a B2B podcast to your content marketing strategy?

B2B podcasting can offer you a way to dig into deeper conversations and touch on different topics, while demanding a new type of engagement from your audience. B2B content marketers can use podcasts as a tool to position themselves as ‘thought leaders’ to their audience within the industries, build relationships with clients and other stakeholders, and drive trends and innovation in their industries.

Since 2004, the audio platform has grown in popularity. Here are just a few statistics regarding the revitalization of podcasting:

  • 22% of podcast listening occurs in the car, higher than any other way of listening, other than at home.
  • On average, podcast listeners subscribe to 6 different shows.
  • 65% of those who listen to podcasts on a monthly basis have been listening for fewer than 3 years, showing many are new listeners—and part of a new audience for you to reach.
  • 22% of Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis.
  • Those who listen to podcasts are more likely to be active on at least one social media channel.

If you are targeting B2B executives, then podcasting is a great option. Here’s why!

1.   Podcasting offers a unique way of storytelling

B2B leaders are drawn to content that engages them in an immersive experience. The way B2B podcasts seamlessly tackle ideas through research, anecdotal evidence, and dialogue makes the listener feel like they’ve gained a holistic understanding of the topic. Many podcasts are formatted in a way that lets the user feel like they are listening in on an important conversation, so users can fully immerse themselves and feel like they are part of the conversation.

Beyond just the format, B2B executives are attracted to content that delivers the facts from trusted experts. When it comes to content consumption, they’re driven equally by discovery, dynamic formats, and depth provided by rich, relevant content.

2.     Podcasting content provides your audience value

The content of your business podcast should match the needs and priorities of your audience. For example, most CEOs highly value competitive differentiation, while Human Resources leaders are looking to find innovative ways to cultivate talent within the organization. Depending on whether you are targeting CEOs, human resources managers, or other marketing professionals, your content needs to be relevant, educational, and helpful to your audience. Providing this value will keep your audience returning to your business podcast weekly or monthly.

3.    Podcasting can help you find your niche

Podcasting has picked up some serious momentum during the past few years, but there’s still plenty of room for more shows. Depending on your niche or topic, you may have the advantage of facing very little competition. With such a large number of podcasts available, listeners are looking for niche content that is tailored to their interests. This presents the opportunity to really dive deep into your content creation, and tackle ideas with new and interesting perspectives.

4.     Podcasts are a mobile and accessible medium

Podcasts are easy to consume, and accessible 24/7. Leaders can listen to podcasts while commuting, working out, or running errands. Most people listen to podcasts at home, but as noted above, a large percentage listen in their car, and 11 percent of people listen while at work. This gives you more flexibility in how you reach people, as well as more opportunities for capturing your audience. You can reach them anytime, anywhere.

If you’re still figuring out how B2B podcasting will work for your brand, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your audience? This will help you narrow down topics and content.
  • In what ways do you identify as a thought leader in your industry? The answer to this question will allow you to position yourself and your business podcast in order to strategically reach the right audience.
  • What kind of valuable information do you have to share?
  • Do you have a content strategy and the resources to talk about your products, services, and/or industry on a regular basis?
  • Are you looking to build a stronger relationship with your customers? If your answer is yes, podcasting is a great way to do this!

If you are a thought leader in your industry and you’re targeting B2B decision makers, you should strongly consider adding B2B podcasting to your content strategy. Still working on nailing down your strategy? Check out our blogpost on the key elements of a content marketing strategy here!

Still not sure about podcasting? Our team at Pace Creative is happy to have a conversation around whether starting a podcast series would add value to your content strategy! 😊 Get in touch.

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