The team at Pace Creative is proud to win the Web Excellence Award in the web apps/services category for our web development services, and more specifically, for our work with Charli AI on their online content strategy.

As an extension of their content marketing, this online strategy focused on user acquisition to meet Charli AI’s specific business goals. Pace Creative developed the content, focused on a user-centric design, and paid particular attention to UX design, especially to develop the Hub of Productivity. For the website development, our team opted to use a combination of new technologies such as Gatsby for static website pages and WordPress to develop a headless CMS. Charli AI web presence includes marketing technology integrations with Segment and Google Analytics to track the website performance closely.

Charli’s strategic user-acquisition website uses innovative website technology and visuals to keep users engage, attract and convert leads and get the Charli brand to stand out. The website also features a which aimed at providing users with a comprehensive overview of the product, its features, and benefits. The video is now being repurposed to serve multiple advertising objectives.

View the website here!

About Charli AI

Charli AI is a SaaS (software as a service) company that focuses on Intelligent Automation for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks in the workplace that consume a lot of administration time. Charli, the SaaS product and the chief of “stuff”, is an app that functions as workflow automation, an organization wizard, and a search engine all in one. Charli helps business owners and freelancers keep their business operations organized so that they can focus on other, more strategic and innovative, tasks.

About the Award

The Web Excellence Awards, or W-E Awards, honor distinguished websites, web marketing projects, videos, mobile sites/apps and social media campaigns from creators worldwide. They acknowledge innovation and creativity in setting high standards for digital projects. Their mission is to promote innovative business models, creative ideas, and ground-breaking technologies online.

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