We are beyond thrilled and proud to announce that Pace Creative has been named by The Best Vancouver as one of the top creative agencies in Vancouver, Canada!

Here at Pace Creative, we are a full-service communication and marketing agency, specializing in integrated content and digital marketing to maximize ROI and get results. Our team supports clients with a wide scope of services and work, including, but not limited to: branding, ESG strategy, technical content development, graphic design, web design and development, content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, social media strategy, campaigns, outbound marketing, video production, AR/VR applications, custom software development, just to name a few. For a full list of our services, check our website.

Turns out, our team is as diverse as our portfolio of clients! We service industries such as healthcare, education, non-profit, consumer goods, farming, aerospace, technology, SaaS, resources, professional services, distribution and manufacturing. The team has a solid foundation and experience in partnering with organizations in the start-up stage through to some top global 100 companies.

Pace Creative Group was identified as one of the best Vancouver creative agencies for exceeding in the following areas:

Why We’re One of the Best B2B Agencies in Vancouver


Our team has an average of 12 years of experience in B2B. We have created Pace Creative based on a clear vision – becoming the go-to full-service communication and marketing agency specializing in content and digital marketing for B2B. The vision was established after our senior team members mastered content marketing and saw the opportunities it would offer to B2B companies in North America.

Since 2013, we have stayed focused on that vision. We are starting to be recognized as a B2B marketing agency for our data-driven strategic approach that generates way above average results!

We Specialize

Our team specializes in content marketing. We believe that when a content marketing strategy is well thought-out, researched and executed, it aligns branding, communications, marketing and sales silos. This alignment allows companies to save thousands of dollars in salaries each year while building legacy and meeting their business goals. It creates business operations efficiency.

High ROI

When working with our client, our focus is to create the most added value both short-term and long-term. When developing strategies, our recommendations are listed in order of where we can add value, from most to least.

From creating social media content calendars to large-scale content marketing strategies, our team philosophy is based on executing recommendations right the first time around. This may be more time-consuming in the short-term, however in the long-run our clients do not need to consistently invest in updating the same marketing channels to get results.

Here are more reasons why our clients have picked Pace Creative has their agency partner in Vancouver:

Proven Success

Since 2013, we have experienced 99% client returning rate!

In 2021, 98% of our agency growth was attributed to our client referrals.

Check out this wonderful testimonial from our friend over at Waterstreet:

We’ve worked with Pace Creative on a number of strategic projects over the past two years and couldn’t be happier with the results!

We’ve seen a significant and ongoing increase in our reach and levels of engagement across our website, digital and social media channels. 

Their content is always relevant, beautifully produced and gets great feedback from our stakeholders.-

Jeff – SaaS Industry, CEO/Owner

Accommodating Big Projects

Our full in-house team of UI/UX designer and full-stack developers is currently working with Broke Inc on developing custom software that will transform how restaurants market and connect with their customers. We successfully completed phase 1 in December 2021, and we are looking forward to continuing the project in 2022.

Here is a link to learn more about the funded start-up.  Stay tuned!

Wide Variety of Marketing Platforms

Our most recent integrated campaigns do focus more on online, social media and digital advertising to meet specific business goals for our B2B funded start-up client, Charli.ai.

Our online content marketing strategy followed by its implementation with a headless CMS for Charli.ai is a great example of an integrated content marketing at its best!

You can check out their strategic website here.

Exciting Future Plans for Pace Creative Agency

Pace Creative is growing! We are growing by welcoming new clients in niche B2B industries such as:

  • Micromine: Founded in Western Australia, Micromine provides software solutions for the mining and exploration industry that are relevant to every stage of the mining process.
  • Lola Systems: As a Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) integration experts, Lola Systems works with manufacturers and distributors in North America to design and implement a CRM strategy that suits each client’s individual needs.
  • Ostara: Using nutrients recovered from industrial and agricultural water treatment streams, Vancouver-based Ostara creates environmentally friendly fertilizers.
  • Kindred Construction: Kindred construction specializes in all kinds of construction, from mixed-use and commercial buildings to custom luxury homes.

With innovation as one of our four key agency values, our team is constantly learning new, niche, disruptive and innovative businesses working with visionary executive team that believe in building legacy. Particularly with the high ROI success stories mentioned above, we feel so fortunate to be part of our clients’ journeys to success!

We are very much looking forward to seeing what new partnerships are in store for our team in 2022.

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