Two tenths of a second are all it takes for the average internet-user to form an impression of your website. Less than three seconds later, readers have made several more judgements that will enforce upon this initial impression1. That’s all it takes for most to decide whether or not your website is worth their time. Therefore, it is important to make the best first impression possible with the first thing most readers will come across; your landing page. With visual aesthetic being just a single component of the overall equation, how you structure the content within your landing page is equally as important. With that in mind, here are several tips to consider when planning out your next landing page.

So you’ve got your product prepared; a killer app, a super-informative newsletter, or some other incredible new service. Great! Now it’s time to begin identifying the goals that you need this new landing page to achieve. This might be encouraging readers to sign up for your newsletter, or download your new eBook. Whatever your product is, it is imperative that you decide how you want users to engage with it. Once you have decided on how you would like readers to interact with the page, deciding where components of the website go becomes a much more straight-forward process. Above all else, make sure that the content most relevant to your message is placed above the fold. This is to ensure that the first thing users will see when they arrive at your landing page, is the media that is most relevant to your goal.

When developing the content for your landing page, be sure to offer the reader clear-cut incentives for joining your newsletter, or downloading your app. Highlighting the advantages of your service helps to quickly inform the user of the benefits, and make a positive first impression. Having an in-depth understanding of your target demographic will allow you to better address their needs, and more importantly, what might draw them towards your service. If you’re interested in a brief overview of generational demographics, consider reviewing the infographic we published last fall.

Now for some hard truth. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that most of your readers are going to skim through the copy you spent hours, upon hours perfecting. In fact, you might have very well skimmed through this blog post, but we’re not going to judge (okay maybe a little). To combat the inevitable and ensure your readers focus on the most important content, by using headers, images, and selectively bolded text. All of these methods and more can help to gently direct the reader’s attention through your landing page, while still appearing visually pleasing. Do keep in mind there is a line between a gentle direction towards your call-to-action, and filling their screen with distracting and superfluous content. Treat the reader with respect, and don’t waste their time. Keep your message clear, and your copy concise.


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