We hear a lot of marketing managers and CMOs in the manufacturing industry use words like referral programs and ABM. What do they actually mean? How can you address those initiatives, as part of your content marketing strategy, with something more engaging than an emailer campaign?

The fun of gamification is that it can be engaging, motivating, and if implemented well, can help champion the work of your sales team. In fact, 90% of companies claim that their gamified campaigns were a success. It can also be implemented on a wide range of channels. Our team’s first gamification campaign was for a software company over 10 years ago. Today, other industries like manufacturing can also use gamification to meet business goals.

We’ll explain what gamification is, if it’s worth investing in, and most importantly, if it will it work!

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of transforming the way your audience engages with your brand into some form of a game. By adding gamification to your campaign strategy, you are adding an element of competition between users, which creates an incentive for engagement. Gamification is based on actionable objectives, and this is what makes it so effective.

Manufacturers can stand out from the competition by including a game in their campaign strategy.

How does Gamification work?

From arcade cabinets to iPhones and everything in between, society’s fascination with games continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation. The manufacturing industry can use gamification by applying the underlying principles of gaming.

Here are a couple of tips to make it a success:

  • Use a point system to reward users for a specific action. Scores can be ranked on a leaderboard, to allow users to compete with one another.
  • Allow users to level up as they gain more points. Alternatively, you can use an achievement system that rewards them for completing specific goals to encourage specific actions.
  • Make sure that you are rewarding the user fairly for the effort required to complete the specific Nobody is going to want to follow a complex list of instructions if the reward is a single candy bar.

Is Gamification Worth It?

There are a lot of benefits to gamification for manufacturers.

  • By adding simple incentives for completing tasks that your audience might not have initially been interested in, you can increase engagement substantially.
  • You can create a game that matches your budget. Whether you are an established or start-up manufacturer, you can customize the amount of capital you invest to build an audience for, say, the release of a new product . The reward can be as little as a $5 gift card or part of a larger contest to give users a chance to win a product.

How to Make Gamification Work for Manufacturing?

Our team created a gamification campaign for Aggreko. The purpose of the campaign was to motivate the internal sales team to help the marketing team develop an asset library. The campaign was simple, cost-effective, and increased employee engagement while saving money on developing unique branded assets.

The content across all assets, including the new corporate website, product sheets, corporate videos, and social media posts, had to be unique and relevant.

Aggreko’s gamified campaign strategy included:

  • A scoring system and a leaderboard that rewarded users for completing specific tasks.
  • Users with a high score appeared on a leaderboard, spurring friendly competition amongst members of the sales team and motivating them to create and share more relevant content.
  • Points could be redeemed for awesome prizes such as gift cards, televisions, and more!

If you are a manufacturer considering including a game as part of your next campaign, here are some final tips:

  • Start your strategy with a strong concept. Think about the games you like to play and try to adapt their rules and rewards to your company.
  • Keep it simple! Make sure the game is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. There should be no age barriers.
  • To get company buy-in, design a scalable game that starts small and that can grow as you prove its value and success.
  • Develop a robust implementation plan to ensure communication to all stakeholders is clear and that no rule or detail has been missed.

If you are a manufacturing company and you are ready to include gamification in your next campaign, our team at Pace Creative has helped design and develop numerous successful gamification strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about how gamification can help you stand out from the crowd, be sure to get in touch! We would love to help!

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