Here at Pace Creative, we’re very interested in what motivates people to make purchase decisions, especially when it comes to the difference a generation can make.

That’s why we’ve been looking into what makes Gen X tick and Millennials click, who’s consuming what content and where they’re finding it. And above all else, how does it effect content marketing strategy?

We then took all this fascinating research and adapted it into an eye-catching infographic, because who doesn’t love to consume knowledge in handy bite-sized portions?

The demographic difference infographic

That was easy to digest, right? And we can bet you probably learned a lot about those big-spending Baby Boomers and elusive Millennials, too.

It’s clear to see that content marketing strategy should play a bigger part in reaching different generations across different platforms. So if you’d like to work with an agency that’s done their homework – and knows how to make an effective infographic – contact Pace Creative to see what you could achieve.


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