Pace Creative turns eight! When our content and digital agency was established in 2013, it had the goal to be the go-to B2B marketing agency in North America. We’re proud to say that, with the support of our amazing team members and clients throughout the past eight years, our expertise has consistently exceeded results and made Pace Creative the preferred content and digital marketing agency for many B2B and B2C companies across North America.

Our Journey as a B2B Marketing Agency

In eight years, we have grown in size, talent and expertise. We boast a diverse team of creatives, developers, project managers and content experts and we are proud to be working with an array of clients from a variety of industries and Fortune 500 companies. Our content and digital marketing knowledge, expertise and capabilities have proven themselves time and time again to meet – and exceed – our client’s specific business goals.

Every step of our journey has been guided by our corporate values, which we are proud of and live by every day:

With our team’s diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our agency completes projects that generate high-quality Marketing Qualified Leads through the delivery of integrated campaigns. Our team is always looking to find new opportunities, explore new angles and come up with legacy-type business strategies for our clients. We look forward to working on more strategic content and digital projects for our global B2B clients, demonstrating our ever-evolving content and digital marketing skills.

Trivia Time About Pace Creative

One of our favorite activities to do with the team is trivia. We’d love to see if you know the answers to a few questions about our B2B marketing agency.

How many employees did Pace Creative start with?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7

What industry was Pace Creative’s first client from?
a. Construction
b. IT
c. Medtech

What is the name of Pace Creative’s first dog?
a. Antonio
b. Moe
c. Zoe

Pace Creative Celebrates Turning 8!

While certainly different than previous years, the team still made a point take time and celebrate together, while apart. Who doesn’t love a good Zoom party!

Every team member received a reusable tote bag with goodies to celebrate including streamers and a party hat.

No birthday party is complete without a sweet treat. Thank you to Stephanie and her creative talents for crafting these tasty Pace Creative branded cookies.

And everyone knows it’s not a real party until the dance floor starts. To celebrate our learnings and accomplishments, we rounded out our event with the video debut of our amazing dance moves! 😊

At Pace Creative, we believe in celebrating daily wins and personal successes – in marketing and otherwise. While we are excited to celebrate our eight-year anniversary, we can’t wait to see our B2B marketing agency grow even further in the years to come. Follow us on our journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To learn more about our full-service agency offerings or to request a free content and digital marketing assessment, please reach out to us.


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