Benefits of Creating More Diversity in Content Marketing

67% of job seekers said that a diverse workplace is important when deciding to take a job or join a company. Since 2013, our leadership team has been adamant about maintaining an international team. Our agency benefits from a diverse workforce, fuelled our shared  passion for communication, marketing, and making our clients successful.

Diversity and equality have always been part of the fabric of our company and we are committed to prioritizing it. In 2018, Samin Saadat, the CEO of Jalapeno Employee Engagement visited our office and was surprised by our demographics. Although we had taken our diversity for granted, we are now focused even more on highlighting our team’s strength in diversity when collaborating.

How does our agency actively promote diversity? By being respectful, open minded, and inclusive.

What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Diversity refers to who is at work: who is being recruited, hired, and promoted by an organization and includes a range of traits and experiences, such as gender, ethnicity, language, education, race, physical ability, religion, age, and socioeconomic status.

There is often a lack of gender diversity in North American agencies. Most leaders are men and company ownership is often male dominated. If you pay close attention to the teams led by, and titles and positions held by women versus men, the lack of gender diversity becomes even more evident. Women tend to be in supporting roles instead of leadership roles. This is not only an issue within marketing agencies, as it extends to news and media organizations as well.

Benefits of Creating More Diversity in Content Marketing

There are many benefits of increased diversity in content marketing. We’ve listed below those that we have experienced as an agency.

1.     Variety of Education Backgrounds

Even though different team members may have the same title and role, they each bring a different career path, education, and skills to our agency.

For example, Farryn is a Producer with an English Literature background. Anna Marie is also a Producer but holds a degree in marketing and a diploma in graphic design. These differences add a lot of value to the ways we approach projects, the way we think, and how we problem solve.

2.     Fast Problem Solving

Solving problems motivates our team members to come to work. Our team members come from 11 different countries and speaks 11 different languages, so you can imagine the wide range of creative solutions we can come up with when solving a single problem!

The Harvard Business Review’s research shows that when faced with a challenge, people tend to either apply existing knowledge or create new knowledge, or use their own expertise or the expertise of others. Further, data suggests that a diverse group of problem solvers often solve problems better than a group of highly skilled problem solvers. As a team, we take time daily to reflect on existing solutions we have created, share our learnings and expertise, and remind ourselves of the agency’s bigger picture.

3.     Increased Creativity

When working on projects, the entire team gets involved, especially during the crucial research phase. Why? Our source of inspiration is varied and comes from networks all around the world. Getting each team member’s perspective and input lets us brainstorm solutions and build on each other’s ideas. The cognitive diversity in our organization ensures our different mindsets are working towards the same goal.

4.     Innovative Thinking

Each team member in our organization pays attention to different aspects of design, technology, conceptualization, and marketing, informed by their background. This serves our team by allowing us to look at projects from all angles to make sure we’ve covered everything while seeking out innovative ways for our clients to stand out without compromising industry standards. We make knowledge and learning a priority as well, to keep team members challenged and encourage collaboration.

5.     Higher Employee Engagement and Adaptability

Increased cognitive diversity in a workplace increases learning and novelty, as employees can learn from those who have different perspectives and opinions. They can also be challenged by differing perspectives, which encourages loyalty and engagement among employees. According to Deloitte, 83% of millennials in the workplace are more engaged at work knowing that their company invests in creating an inclusive environment.

  • At Pace Creative, we focus on creating cognitive diversity on our team regardless of background. Individuals from different cultures, generations, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as individuals with differing physical abilities, have varying lived experiences. This invariably has a significant impact on their perspectives.
  • Through deliberate and sustained effort, we make sure to foster our team’s diverse perspectives by creating a collaborative environment where team members feel safe to share their perspectives and be creative.
  • We understand that diversity is not only about having a team from different backgrounds, but also about hiring individuals who think and problem solve differently.

Global Diversity in Content Marketing

Marketing as a science has not changed for decades. What has changed is the way we go about it. As an agency, our team is always thinking about how we can create marketing campaigns and strategies that are integrated and cohesive, as well as considerate of diverse audiences.

New channels are constantly emerging, along with innovative technologies that help us master better ways to communicate the same message to specific audiences – and get better results. As a team, we need to embrace and learn emerging channels, technologies, and other opportunities in an effort to understand how they can be used effectively. Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach to marketing and integrate all relevant channels to optimize resources.

Localized Marketing Campaigns

One example of this is localizing and translating marketing materials for global or international marketing campaigns and other projects, such as websites. We take this process very seriously and strive to offer our international clients a wide range of skills and abilities, while providing empathy for cultural differences and needs. It also allows our agency to effectively meet the needs of our customers and diverse global audiences all around the world.

Our most senior team members work mainly with global companies in industries like , technology, pharma, and medical devices. Many of our strategic marketing initiatives are developed in English, with the understanding that they will be localized and translated into different languages at a later date.

Some of our recent global projects include:

Parex Resources

Parex Resources is a crude oil exploration company with production in Colombia. As the company operates in both Canada and Colombia, the website content is in English and Spanish.


The product launch campaign we created for Aggreko was a global campaign. We were to launch the campaign in North America but the campaign was tested and optimized in Australia. We then repurposed it for South America and the UK.

Grifols Diagnostics (international)

Grifols wanted to develop a global strategic website for their diagnostics brand. The website was developed in English, targeting an audience base in the United States. We then added other languages to make the website international.

About the Pace Creative Way

Our team celebrates diversity in the workplace and ensure all of our team members are heard. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  1. Building education opportunities around diversity:
  • We encourage our design team to take inspiration from designs all around the world. In addition, we organize monthly “lunch & learn” workshops to share new knowledge and skills. Next month for example, one of our designers from South Korea will be putting together a presentation to share specific design aesthetics from her home country.
  1. Potlucks:
  • Throughout the year, we host office potlucks and invite everyone to bring specialty dishes from their culture or home country to share with the team and tell their story.

At Pace, we believe in celebrating daily wins and personal successes, as well as encourage learning from each other – in marketing and otherwise.

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