Despite the many unfortunate outcomes, it is undeniable that the COVID pandemic is a major driver of change and innovation. Amidst quarantines, companies that want to survive drastic changes and become more relevant must align branding, communication, and marketing efforts to create a seamless sales cycle. Consequently, many businesses are now aware of the importance content marketing can have on their bottom line.

Content marketing is a strategy through which a business answers its customers’ questions while improving conversations and generating leads. As an industry, content marketing is so successful that, as per research, it reached a volume of $42 billion in 2019. In 2022, over half of content marketing spending is expected to increase, with 16% expected to increase significantly (Statista Content Marketing Trend Study 2022).

Are you using content marketing to its full potential? To help you audit your efforts, we cover the top 6 most prominent content marketing trends in 2022!

Trend #1: Documented Content Marketing Strategy

One B2B content marketing trend of 2022 is to document the business’ content marketing strategy. In total, 77% of organizations were found to have a content marketing strategy. Of these, 40% have a documented strategy. A documented content marketing strategy helps a business to focus on specific goals and to delegate tasks. It allows for more careful allocation of resources and creates a knowledge base for the business which reduces dependence on staff. Documentation also helps in quantifying the benefits and later measuring the outcomes.

“We had to be more thoughtful about the topics we were covering, as well as the target audiences we were approaching” (Content Marketing Institute – B2B Content Marketing Research)

Check out the documented content marketing strategy we developed for our Pharma start-up, Oncolytics Biotech, to support their growth, here!

Trend #2: Chatbots

Using chatbots for marketing is a great addition to a content marketing strategy. They are currently not used widely, which means that a business that uses one automatically has the advantage of being among the early adopters. In addition, of the chatbots being used right now, very few are user-centric. A huge untapped opportunity with chatbots is to customize the content to align with your content marketing strategy – that will get you better results.

A gold standard chatbot in marketing is one that provides an opportunity to interact with the customer directly 24/7/365, displays the content quickly and easily, gathers information from the customer for lead generation, and generates sales. The ideal chatbot goes beyond the scope of lead generation to provide after-sales service.

Trend #3: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an emerging fascination for many because it has transformed the experience that a single device could provide in many ways. Businesses are now finding new ways to use virtual reality technologies. The virtual reality industry is set to exceed the $252 billion mark in 2028.

From a purely content marketing point of view, virtual reality is bridging the gap between the user’s experience and the actions they take. Currently, virtual reality technologies are commonly used to provide customers with a digital tour experience without them having to move physically.

Check out the Virtual Reality campaign strategy we developed for our FinTech client, E*Trade, here!

Trend #4: B2B Marketing eBooks

Among the content marketing trends for 2022 is writing B2B marketing eBooks. Unlike the standard eBooks that are found on kindle, B2B marketing eBooks tend to be briefer and subject-specific, thereby providing readers with a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of the topic at hand.

An ideal B2B marketing eBook comes in the form of a pack instead of a single unified book. Each volume in the pack answers one specific business challenge.

Check out the eBook we developed for our SaaS client, NiceXCone, here!

Trend #5: Infographics

The use of infographics is one of the most popular content marketing trends in 2022; in fact, approximately 40% of all businesses wish to use more infographics in their marketing efforts (Statista Content Marketing Trend Study 2022). Infographics are an engaging and visually appealing way to present the same piece of information that would otherwise require several paragraphs to describe. Content marketers are now using many tools and artistic methods to develop out-of-this-world infographics.

Check out the infographic we developed for our SaaS client in mining, Micromine, here!

Trend #6: Taking on Social Responsibility

Taking a stance on issues is a type of content marketing that not only involves a business spending resources to address a social or environmental problem; it also includes focusing efforts on attracting customers who wish to help the business make a positive change through their purchases.

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