Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is a division of Siemens that offers financing solutions to its B2B customers. Biannually, SFS staff–from Iselin, New Jersey to Mumbai, India–meet for a global SFS event. Topics include past performance, future objectives, and upcoming technologies and opportunities. In November 2017, nearly 200 international SFS staff met in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. SFS asked Pace Creative to brand the event, as well as create and manage the event collateral. The event was designed to bring SFS together, inspire and motivate employees, and create excitement around the host city.

How to brand the event in a unique and memorable way that engages all staff, enthuses them about their SFS objectives?

The event first needed an event strategy, a logo, and an overall art direction. SFS decided the theme of the event would be “Beyond the Inflection Point”, so our logo design represented SFS moving upwards past a point of inflection.

We used the overall art direction as an opportunity to play with Dubai’s unique characteristics and beauty. The approved artwork was used throughout the event collateral.

To inspire and motivate employees, SFS’s CEO wanted to open the event with a video. Working closely with SFS, we wrote, designed, and produced an animated video that illustrated the staff members’ shared journey in the successes.

The video ends with each SFS staff member on an animated train, riding together upwards beyond an inflection point and into 2018.

Other branded event collateral included more than 150 unique PowerPoint presentation slides, table tents, an event agenda and booklet, pull-up banners, name badges, Dubai fact slideshows, and welcome table signage. We coordinated printing and delivery for almost all the event materials.

And of course, a gorgeous stage backdrop, branded for the event.

SFS staff immensely enjoyed the event and told our Pace Creative onsite producer that the event collateral and video were professional and stunning. The CEO played the video not only at the start of the event, but again to close the event, as SFS employees wanted to see it a second time.

SFS asked Pace Creative to help with the theme and collateral for another event in April 2019, the Intergrowth Conference, and SFS and Pace Creative continue to work together on many smaller initiatives such as presentations, video editing, and app icons as they arise.

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