Schneider Electric is a leader in solar energy power products in North America and around the world. To keep its market positioning as a leader, the company launched its new inverter ConextTM CL125, which offers a complete photovoltaic (PV) power plant solution for utility-scale projects systems. To promote the inverter, Schneider Electric wanted to create a product launch video that would be played at tradeshows and added to its website.


Our team needed to develop a script and supporting storyboard and video that would illustrate the unique key benefits of the ConextTM CL125. The product is unique in that it is a string inverter that can be used for both centralized and decentralized power plant designs. Some of the key features include allowing a higher energy harvest, reliability, easy installation, and service and support grid connectivity.


Using product photos and graphics to support our script, the video focuses on the key features of the product as well as the uniqueness of its purpose and applications as it is ideal for both centralized an decentralize power plants designs. The video showcases that the ConextTM CL125 is the best choice for PV power plants using string inverters.


Check out the video below!

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