Schneider Electric, a global leader in solar energy power products, launched the new ConextTM XW Pro solar hybrid inverter and charger to address future-ready solutions. The product complies with evolving utility requirements such as California Rule 21 and can be integrated with other Schneider Electric systems to simplify configuration and provide powerful remote monitoring and control.


Our challenge was to create a script and a dynamic one- to two-minute video to communicate the key features and benefits of this newest member of the beloved ConextTM XW product line. We were tasked with creating a simple yet engaging video to create buzz for the product launch.


In close collaboration with Schneider Electric, we wrote and produced a visually engaging and branded video targeting Schneider Electric’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers as well as distributors.

We started the video by exploring the user’s specific needs and pain points to establish the issues that the new ConextTM XW Pro addresses. We then explained the quality features of the new product and their practical application and integrations with existing Schneider Electric products.

Overall, the video focuses on the key features, benefits, and applications of the ConextTM XW Pro while forecasting grid code requirements, all within two minutes.


Check out the video below!

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