Microserve is a proven industry leader in the delivery of IT solutions to organizations across Western Canada. They needed to increase brand awareness and lead generation for their data-storage solutions, all while highlighting their outstanding customer service.

In an ever-expanding, competitive environment, Microserve needs to increase its brand awareness for its data-storage solutions.

Dealing with an audience of CFO, CEO and COO (and ratel “IT guys”), the primary challenge was to make the content relevant and worth of downloading.

Pace Creative decided to develop a strategic piece of content, an infographic, that lives on the website and can be downloadable.

To build brand awareness of Microserve data storage solutions we promoted the infographic and its content.

The promotions drove qualified users to a landing page on the microserve website where they could read the full infographic and request a free assessment.

The audience not having much time to read so simplifying and organizing the information regarding Microserve’s data-storage services was key.

The main objective of the content layout is to make it accessible while also focusing on the potential client’s needs when sourcing a new data storage solution.

The intro outlines four strategic data-storage challenges the audience is interested in overcoming.

The infographic main content is the breakdown of the recommended solution in three easy steps.

Microserve received 22 new leads as of result of this campaign… in addition to an increase in brand awareness.

Microserve’s last campaign, which was created without Pace Creative’s help, generated no leads.

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