Micralyne is a leading independent Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and microfabrication foundry. They have been a highly competent and trusted MEMS fabrication partner of leading high-tech companies for more than 30 years, helping to develop and reliably manufacture some of the smallest actuators, sensors, and 3D mechanical structures in existence.

Micralyne wanted to strategically update the content and design of their website to attract and convert prospects from all over the world. A secondary purpose of the website is to act as a recruiting tool for potential employees. The previous Micralyne website was not projecting the right message to the right target audience, resulting in approximately 80% of the leads through the web contact form being discarded. These discarded leads were not an appropriate match for the scale of manufacturing that Micralyne provides.

How can we attract the target audience to contact Micralyne and increase the overall conversion rate?

Pace Creative worked to understand how a Micralyne customer moves through the persona journey. This allowed us to identify the content themes and channels that would be appropriate for each stage in the decision-making process. We pinpointed what content needed to be included and how to structure it.

We analyzed Micralyne’s previous content to see where we could fill gaps with the new website.

We looked at the promotional channels and their role in who the content was being distributed to and at what time to ensure this aligned with our persona journey.

We optimized the site map and built in the finalized content themes and pages to fill the content gaps found due to mapping the persona journey.

We developed the missing content and designed the wireframes and initial branded look and feel.

The optimized site map and strategic content throughout the website reached more of the target audience, which resulted in more qualified leads for Micralyne.

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