Microserve, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides managed IT services to mid-sized and large businesses in Western Canada.

How to optimize a digital campaign given by Microserve’s partner to attract new leads for IT consulting services?

The goal was to attract new potential clients who could benefit from outsourced consulting (and potentially new Dell computers!) for Microserve to receive the budget.

Pace Creative completed a campaign content strategy. Based on the strategy, our team presented 4 themes we could pursue to engage prospects.

Our strategist then came up with a promotional mix to launch the campaign to the specific target audience of IT managers at mid-sized companies in Western Canada.

Of all of the tactics presented, Microserve chose the following:
+ blog post
+ landing page with a cost calculator
+ social media posts
+ PPC ads on social media channels
+ thank you email
+ retargeting ads
+ follow up scripted call

With the strategy and tactics approved, we began production of the campaign.

Here is a sample of the tactics that we created the content for, designed and produced:

Digital ads and social media posts were used to engage with targeted leads to drive them to read the blog and several landing pages.

On the blog page, users would have access to the online calculator. The calculator’s purpose is to identify the true costs of IT, leaving users with a clear picture of the additional costs that IT can incur over time.

After filling out the information required in the calculator, users are required to give their contact information to see their custom report outlining the true cost of IT risk and tips on how to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

The calculator result page outlines specifically the total amount it will cost the organization, to put things into perspective.

As a result of the campaign, Microserve gained
1,000% more emails than their initial goal!

Microserve’s previous campaign (developed without Pace Creative’s help) did not generate any leads.

Microserve was so pleased with the process and the results they sought our help for their next digital campaign, a collaboration with IBM.

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