Candeo Lava Products Inc. (Candeo) was established in 2013 by William Hogan and Lindsay Young, who hypothesized that the volcanic rock material at the Can-Cal Resources Ltd. Pisgah Crater property in San Bernardino County, California has the potential to be used as a plant growth enhancement medium. As a start-up company, Candeo needed a strong brand presence to get potential product testers to sign up for an early adopter partnership at the Grower Summit in Monterey California.

So how to build a strong brand presence to help generate pre-qualified leads at a tradeshow?

Pace Creative designed a new logo for Candeo that both reflects the lava rocks product category and its three main benefits.

In addition to be 100% natural, the main product advantages include:
• significantly decrease in water consumption, (is illustrated in the logo with the waterdrop)
• enhance plant crop yield (illustrated with a strong, healthy fruit tree),
• reduce fertilizer requirements (illustrated by the green colour).

To explain how the product works and highlight the product benefits, Pace Creative created a 2D animated video and a content marketing website with clear call to actions.

In an effort to build brand awareness at the tradeshow, Pace Creative designed new business cards as well as a strategic tradeshow handout to encourage potential product testers to sign up online.

Thanks to Pace Creative’s integrated and holistic content marketing approach for Candeo, the company ended up having 3 times more sign ups than expected.

To top it off, Candeo Lava Products is now working on a strategic alliance with another company they met at the tradeshow to create their next product.

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