BOOTEALICIOUS is a modern performance tea brand that helps women reach their ideal weight faster while having fun and still enjoying the glamorous side of life. The brand celebrates the modern woman; she is someone who lives life to the fullest and isn’t ashamed to admit she needs a little help getting the body she desires. She’ll cut some corners on the diet, but so what? She’s got her secret weapon BOOTEALICIOUS to help keep her trim and sexy.

As a new tea brand, BOOTEALICIOUS’ personality had to be created from scratch. The beautifully crafted tea packaging and the website are a reflection of BOOTEALICIOUS’ strong identity and curated appearance.

With a highly competitive market and a variety of me-too products available for consumers, how could we build a strong and unique brand identity from scratch?

Pace Creative came up with the playful, funky brand name BOOTEALICIOUS, that stands out among other tea brands.

For the logo, we adopted a minimalist and modern look and feel to reflect the brand positioning. As for the tagline, we wanted something that would both make a unique impact and highlight the sassy brand personality.

When creating the packaging, we opted for a mix of bright colours, geometrical shapes and a sleek design, aligned with the brand’s identity.

To ensure every piece of marketing material is consistent with the brand, we created a comprehensive Brand & Content Style Guide which covers every aspect of the design but also the brand voice.

The website is an extension of the brand and is designed with two goals in mind: attract influencers who can promote the brand and encourage people to engage and share content with BOOTEALICIOUS.

To encourage people to subscribe to our newsletter, we created the BOOTEALICIOUS Ultimate Detox Guide that subscribers receive for free in exchange for their email address.

With an outstanding and modern design using elements of the packaging and painted objects, we succeeded in creating a unique platform where our customers love to hang out.

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